The Miracle Capsule In Nigeria

Recently, there has been new research by bright Medical Doctors and PhDs to produce an anti aging, anti cancer tablet that will completely Transform your health. Therefore, if you or your loved ones have any of these medical challenges

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension/ High Blood Pressure
  • Vision Problems
  • Ulcers
  • Cancer
  • Liver Problems
  • Prostrate enlargement
  • Fibroid
  • Cysts
  • Tooth decay or bad Breath
  • etc

Get Ready to throw away other Medications that you are using.
Yes, you read that right

After so many years of Medical and Scientific Research,

Dr Rongxiang Xu finally Did It!

A Professor of Surgery who graduated from Qingdao Medical College in China. He developed new therapies that helps to restore the physiological structure and function of the skin and various organs of the body. He focused on Regeneration, Restoration and Rejuvenation of the cells of the body.

His Immense contributions led to Him receiving multiple awards 

His achievements have been acknowledged by US Presidents Barak Obama, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

Obama intoduced Human body Regenerative Restoration Science as National Development Policy. Xu Peng (son of Dr Rongxiang ) was Invited invited to introduce Human Regenrative Science to USA.

Xu Peng with Bill Clinton

Rejuvenate means to make someone look and feel young and energetic again.
Regeneration means the process by which there is a replacement or restoration of lost or amputated body parts.

I am Eyitayo Adunmo a medical doctor, I delight in helping other people. One of my friends mum was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 years ago and it was already fungating so difficult to operate on. She was to travel with two of her friends to India for operation. 

She collapsed at the airport and was stabilized by doctors in Lagos. At that point she heard about MEBO GI and other immune boosters from the company from someone and decided to give it a trial. After use she discovered that pain from the cancer disappeared, the wound of the cancer also started healing and dried up leaving only the Lump.

The lump was then operated upon and she is still in good state of health up till now. Her friends that went to india came back but are both dead now.

That is how I discovered MEBO GI CAPSULES.

This capsule has received so many worldwide recognitions and awards. The Carlifornia State University- Los Angeles Officially renamed its Biggest Institute to "Rongxiang Xu Health and Public Service University" on 11th June 2016.

See Wonders Done by MEBO GI Capsule

Cut Finger Grew back in 6 days with the use of MEBO GI

Your Life span can be doubled with the use of this anti aging capsule

It is the only Product with 45 Patent medicines in the world.

Referred to as Miracle Capsule because it cures so many diseases. Too Good To Be True....

It comes with a guarantee of Money Back Policy

It is Legally approved by NAFDAC and so many agencies in the world including the Kosher Seal

It Is Used Alone For:

  • Broken bones, severed fingers, skin ulcers and cancers
  • Protection and/or repair of Lungs or treatment of Lung cancers
  • For anti aging scars, wrinkles, skin lift etc
  • Ulcers, gatric cancers or colonic cancers
  • For people suffering Hair loss or bald hair
  • For glowing skin, skin diseases,and scars
  • For loss of memory

It Is Used In Combination With Other Products By the Same Company for:

  1. Diabetes
    • Use plus Hypoglycaemic capsules
    • If any Liver damage add Healthway Herbal capsules
  2. Hypertension
    • Use with peptides, propolis lecithin and energy bracelet for maximum result
  3. Vision Problems
    • Use with vision vitale for maximum result
  4. Liver problems
    • Use with Healthway Herbal Capsule
  5. Prostrate Enlargement or cancers and low sperm count
    • Use with Male Health Pad, Immune Vitale, Propolis
  6. For Fibroid, Ovarian cyst, Infertility of unknown cause in Females
    • Use with Female Health Pad, Immune Plus, Propolis

Hear Testimonies Below:

My grand mother was already going blind, she could only see flickers of light. I sent her the MEBO GI and vision vitale. Presently she is seeing much more better than before.   Nnenna

I have been on anti hypertensives and I was being admitted almost every month because of uncontrolled hypertension. I was using high doses of the hyperetensives. I was introduced to Norland and i decided to give the products a trial. I am presently no more on antihypertensives and my Blood Pressure has been normal.    Ngozi

I have been diabetic for some years now and I was already on injection insulin everyday to control my Sugar. Thank God for my friend that told me about this products. I started with Mebo GI and Hypoglycaemic capsule. I am no more on Insulin. I was also not able to see well I added vision vitale to it and my vision has improved.   Mimi

My husband had prostrate enlargement as he was rushed to the hospital for inability to pass urine. We were preparing for the operation when these products were introduced to me. i decided to use them. His symptoms have stopped as he is now able to pass urine without difficulty. Mrs Tunde

These are just a few, there are many more.........

Side Effects

There are none but should be swallowed by adults greater than 18 years.

Not to be used by Pregnant Women or Breastfeeding mothers.


1. For improvement of eye sight (At least 4 bottles of GI Plus 2 bottles of vision vitale
2. For nasal defects or mouth ulcers  (5 to 7 Bottles)
3. For broken bones, severed fingers, skin ulcers and cancers (5 to 12 Bottles)
4. For protection or repair of lungs or treatment of lung cancers (5 to 12 Bottles)
5. For anti-aging, scars, wrinkles, skin lift e.t.c (3 to 5 Bottles)
6. For  Stomach ulcers (5 to 10 Bottles)
7. For gastric cancers,  and almost every other kind of cancers and intractable disease (10 to 15 Bottles)
8. For  hair loss and bald hair (3 to 5 Bottles)
9. For Glowing skin, skin disease, stretch marks, scars (2 to 4 Bottles)
10. For Loss of memory. (3 to 5 Bottles)

11. Hypertension 5 to 10 bottles of GI plus 3 bottles of peptides

12. Diabetes- 5 to 10 bottles of GI plus  2 bottles of Hypoglycaemic or Healthway Hypoglycaemic Herbal

13. Arthritis- 5 to 10 bottles of GI plus 2-3 bottles of Peptides

14. Ovarian cyst- 5 to 7 bottles of GI plus 3 Health pads plus 3 immune + capsules.

15. Prostrate enlargement, Low sperm count, prostrate cancer - 5-7 bottles of GI, 3 Health pad (male),  3 Immune vitale.

All these  recommendations are for cure not just to manage the sickness.

How Much

Don't Forget Health is Wealth, therefore no amount is too much for your wellbeing. I encourage you to get at least 2 bottles for better effectiveness.

 N 25,000       N20,000 per bottle

3 bottles upward N18,000 per bottle

GI + Hypoglycaemic Capsule - N18,000 per bottle (2 bottles N34,000)

GI + Healthway Hypoglycaemic Herbal ( if additional liver affectation) - N15,000 per bottle ( 2 bottles N28,000)

GI + Vision Vitale - N15,000 per bottle ( 2 bottles for N28,000)

Hypertension / Osteoarthritis

GI + Peptides - N20,000 (2 bottles N38,000)

GI + Immune Vitale - N15,000 (2 bottles N28,000) + Men Health Pad - N35,000 ( N64,000 for 2 packs)

Please for conditions not mentioned here you can send a mail to drolutoyin@gmail.com to find out more.


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